10 More Things to Avoid When Deadlines Are Approaching

It’s me, back again with 10 more things that i have been doing this last week. I currently have a whole essay to write but here i am. I just advise that you don’t follow in my ways.

  1. Accidentally complete 5 surveys on a random website and end up applying to a job in advertising. 

I don’t really know how this happened, i was trying to donate money to a charity for dogs.

2. Eat a whole coconut whilst staring at the floor for 40 minutes.

I’d actually recommend this one, it was quite therapeutic.

3. Spend all week complaining about working weekends when you have coursework to be done but then offer to pick up an extra day.

Just think of the extra dolla, all £40 of it. It really doesn’t seem worth it.

4. Jump out of an aeroplane.

I went to extreme lengths this semester. Jumping out of a plane seems more appealing than writing my screenplay.

5. Spend 30 minutes constructing a very articulate 100 word rant about a broken window in your house and send to your landlord.

In fairness to me, I was very distressed by the whole situation.

6. Stare at the floor some more.

It seems to be my favourite thing to look at. There’s so many more things to be discovered about it; like how it hasn’t been swept in a month.

7.Get emotionally involved in Downton Abbey.

IT’S NOT REAL. This show doesn’t affect your life in any way. Don’t waste your tears on Williams death, save them for when you’re writing your coursework.

8. Google symptoms of your ‘illnesses’ and deciding that you’re dying.

There’s nothing wrong with you. Your headaches will be from watching a whole series of Downton Abbey,  not because you have a brain tumour.

9. Singing a whole musical from start to finish.

I do this a lot, my house love me for it. A favourite of mine is Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat. Go go go, Chlo.

10. Read about witchcraft online and decide to try some for yourself.

An apple told me that the initials of my true love are O.V. Or V.O.  I don’t really know.

By Chloe Littlewood.


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