The Media that Does Young People the Justice they Deserve

Everyone loves a good chick flick or a teen romance, but it has to be said that half the time, our media is out of touch with teenagers. How many times do you watch an American TV programme and say to yourself ‘that would never happen?’ Whenever you watch a teen dystopia, don’t you think ‘who can be arsed saving the world at seventeen?’ We’ve been seeking out the fiction that shows the truth behind the teens – in other words, the shows that give our generation the heroes we deserve.

13 Reasons Why -TV Show

After a slow start, 13 Reasons Why began to live up to it’s hype. After Hannah Baker kills herself, she leaves behind 13 tapes, detailing why she did it. The story gets to the crux of the struggles of life as an outcast in high school, while proving that every story has two sides to it. All thirteen of the characters ‘responsible’ for Hannah’s death prove that life is never black and white – there is good and bad in everyone. Well. Except for Bryce. He’s just pure evil.

Fangirl- Book

Fangirl is for all the nerds out there – the ones who love to read and find the idea of halls mortifying. What’s even more mortifying is sharing a room with someone who acts as your polar opposite. Nightmare.

Cath is a recluse, while her twin sister, Wren, is out there partying and making the most of college life. Cath is happy to stay in her shell – where safety comes in the form of fanfic and Pot Noodles – but her new friends are intent on drawing her out.

Fresh Meat – TV Show

Sometimes, it’s a bit too far-fetched to be true, but one thing Fresh Meat get’s is the awkward reality of uni life. It’s not all parties and beer pong. Sometimes, it’s a series of barely scraping a 2.1, sleeping with the wrong people, and making stupid mistakes on assignments – although not many of us can claim to have put a hole in someone’s cheek, Josie…

My Mad Fat Diary – TV Show

If the 90’s vibes and Oasis references aren’t enough to attract you to My Mad Fat Diary, then perhaps Rae can. She’s the epitome of awkward, and the perfect representation of someone trying to fit in, even when her world is crumbling around her. Rae is stuck – stuck between the only people who really understand her, her crazy family and her cool, new friends. But somewhere along the line, she begins to realise there’s more than one place you can call home.

by Hayley Anderton


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