The Young Artists the World Needs to Watch Out For

If there’s one thing all of us can appreciate, it’s art in all it’s forms – music, paintings, photography, film, writing and fashion. We’re surrounded by it, whether we pay attention or not. We’ve been searching for some of the best new talent that you’ll fall in love with right from the off. And, of course, as a student blog, we love to celebrate the success of the youngest and brightest!

Rorie – Musician 

If you’re into the likes of Gabrielle Aplin and Lucy Rose, Rorie is the newest artist you need to add to your playlists. This singer song-writer from the East Coast can already boast having over two hundred subscribers on Youtube, but she deserves so many more. Her first EP, ‘Singing & Silence’ has been featured on iTunes in the New Artist category, so if you don’t trust my taste, trust theirs – after all, it’s their job to seek out the best talent!

We spoke to Rorie a little about how she got into music and what being a songwriter means to her.

‘Growing up, I would fill around five journals a year with lyrics and stories. I was pretty shy, but I loved music, so I started to turn those stories into songs. Slowly and surely, I realised that songwriting was something I used to respond to life. I’d be upset about something and then end up at the piano. It was the most amazing release, and I started to be even more amazed when someone would hear my song and relate to it. Now I don’t worry so much about those journal entries being heard. I love writing, performing, and connecting with people along the way.

Rorie’s distinctive style may not fall into a specific category, but she’s got the perfect way to describe her music.

‘I created this slogan after my EP release: “story-folk-dream- pop” (because everyone kept asking me what genre my music was!) I am a big fan of both folky storytelling through acoustic instruments, as well as a dreamy electro-pop sound. Later this year, I’ll be releasing an EP with more electronic/cinematic elements.’

Rorie has some exciting performances coming up in Philadelphia and Vienna. Click here for more details.

Abbey Turner – Artist

We discovered Abbey on her Instagram page, where she is showcasing some of her beautiful artwork. The twenty-two year old often works with oil paints, and her most recent art depicts the faces of women. We loved the theme of social media on one of her latest paintings, and decided to catch up with her to hear her thoughts.

‘Growing up I found that drawing and painting was an escape, I was constantly captured by colour, texture and the ability of visual artists to make people look and really take notice!’ Abbey told us.
‘As an artist and an educator I find it incredibly difficult for young artists to break into the art world and become a part of an elite, and somewhat generation biased society. There are so many talented up-coming artists who are challenging what we consider to be art, and contest how art should be perceived within both galleries and public spaces! It is my hope that young visual artists will break the mould and create new and exciting visual experiences for many people around the world.’

All of Abbey’s work is showcased on her website, where you can also enquire about commissions, read about her past exhibitions and get to know the stunning art she produces!

Danielle Banas – Writer

Image result for danielle banasImage result for danielle banasImage result for behind the mask danielle banas

Danielle’s success began on the popular writing platform, Wattpad, where she shared her first draft of Men in Tights. It has since won a Watty Award – a celebration of Wattpad’s finest – and is now about to be published by the up and coming publishing house, Swoonreads. Danielle gave us some insight into how she shot to success.

‘I started writing on Wattpad just for fun while I was in college. I didn’t plan on getting published – not until my first Wattpad story started having a moderate amount of success. That story – Men in Tights – is now my debut novel, thanks to Swoon Reads, and it’s coming out next year! (July 10, 2018, to be exact!) So if you like superheroes, action, or romance (or all three), feel free to check it out!’

With so much success coming her way, it’s natural that Danielle has some good advice to offer other aspiring writers.

‘To any writer working to achieve their dream of publication, don’t give up! It’s a lot of hard work, but the people who make it happen are the ones who refuse to settle for “no.” Also, remember to write what you love, not just what you think other people want to read. If you’re passionate about your story, then others will take note and love it too!’

Sophie MacDonald – Fashion Designer

Soph's fashion

Our up and coming fashion designer is twenty-one year old Sophie MacDonald, whose bold designs caught our eye right from the off. The second year Bath student has been working like crazy to produce some pretty original designs. She gave us some insight into her inspirations.

“After watching ‘Mine: Story of a Sacred Mountain’- a documentary about an Indian tribe called Dongria Kondh, I was inspired to dig deeper into their culture. Their use of rich colours, heavy embellishment and their ease of draping on the body led me to create a sophisticated 6 outfit collection with a hint of modern day attitude.”

Sophie posts some of her designs and fashion related photos on her personal Instagram. Other than that, you’ll just have to watch out for her designs hitting the shops!

Sophie's fashion

by Hayley Anderton



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