How to Survive Long Distance Relationships at Uni

Most people will tell you that going to university means you’ll definitely break up with your partner, but it’s not always the case. Long distance relationships are only hard if you don’t make the necessary effort to keep the pair of you afloat. If you want to be together, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you stay as strong as ever.

Make use of Skype and Facetime

Even if it’s only for a few minutes each day, a face to face conversation makes it feel like you’re not so far apart. You can also arrange Skype dates to catch up on your favourite TV shows together.

Surround yourself with friends

Boyfriends and girlfriends are great, but sometimes, hanging out with friends is what you need. Use your time apart as a time to make new friends and catch up with old ones.

Send each other gifts

It may seem old fashioned to send a letter, but there’s a reason why you always feel special when you get post. Send your partner something cute, or a long letter, or even order them a surprise pizza to their house to make their day.

Be open and honest

Tell your partner what you do and where you go. Keeping them in the loop makes the distance easier, and allows them insight into your life. It also means that paranoid thoughts don’t creep in and distort your view of your relationship.

Keep them involved in your life

Introduce your partner to your new friends and do things as a group. They don’t all have to be best buddies, but mixing your partner with the people you see every day makes them feel included.

Play online games

If you like some friendly competition, playing online games together is a fun activity, whether it’s with a group or just the two of you.

Have things to look forward to

If you don’t get to see each other often, make the most of your time together. If you’re in different cities, you can give them the grand tour, as well as making time for some relaxed TV time just the two of you. Plan ahead so you can get excited for the time you’re going to spend together.

by Hayley Anderton


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