The Best TV Shows to Distract You From Uni Work

I recently wrote an article about what not to do when deadlines approaching. In said article, I advised students not to watch TV to avoid distraction. Now I’m going to totally contradict myself and tell you what to watch because these shows are MUST SEES. So here are my top 6 TV series for you to binge right this second.

Black Mirror

You don’t need to watch the whole 3 series to enjoy this – every episode is a  different, often hellish experience. It twists the audience’s expectations and turns the world as we know it into a dark mess. It makes you think about the world and how messed up it can be. It’s very focused on the effects of technology and politics, and often leaves you feeling conflicted about the world.

Gilmore Girls

My absolute favourite TV show EVER. This programme stole my heart on the very first episode. If you have a whole month to spare then start this series because once you start watching you’ll not be able to stop. While the story-line is a bit predictable in places 95% of the characters are so fabulous and hilarious that makes up for it. Although certain characters (Rory I’m looking at you) are a bit unbearable, you’re somehow still become invested in their life. My dream is to live in the adorable little town of Stars Hollow.

Bates Motel

If you’re into creepy psychopaths I’d recommend this. We all know the movie Psycho, and this is the story of how Norman Bates came to be the murderer we all know and fear. There are a lot of shocking and uncomfortable story lines that have been written brilliantly. You never know what is going to happen next.  All of the characters had redeemable qualities, despite all of them being murderous, scary and involved in illegal actions. I just finished watching series 4 and am completely in shock. Freddie Highmore plays such a convincing psychopath.

Celebrity Big Brother

I’m sorry but i just had to add this. Not just any celeb big brother but specifically the recent one with Kim Woodburn and Jedward in. It’s just a classic. Every episode made me laugh. DON’T YOU START WITH ME, LOVIE!

A Series of Unfortunate Events

This has only been released recently and is nice breath of fresh air on Netflix between all the other Netflix originals. Based on the books by Lemony Snicket, this tells the tale of 3 orphans and the evil Count Olaf,who is out to steal the fortune their dead parents left them. The kids are quite annoying which makes you love Neil Patrick Harris’ villainous character with hilarious one liners even more. I was kind of rooting for him all the way through. Also, the theme song will probably be stuck in your head for days afterwards.


Last but not least, don’t judge me. It’s not for everyone, but I love to watch this every day, it’s a nice half an hour break from doing coursework. Admittedly, some of the story-lines are ridiculous and a lot of the acting is quite bad, but if you give it a chance you’ll get addicted.You’ll want to come back every day and find out whats going on in Ian Beale’s life, if Phil’s stopped drinking and if Dot’Ns out of prison yet (she is).

by Chloe Littlewood



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