A Student’s Guide to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for being the ultimate student destination. It’s full of good bars, nightlife, culture and history. Not everyone will be inspired by the bars, just as not everyone will be interested in the history, but there’s something for everyone in Amsterdam. That’s why the #partypigs decided to visit and explore all the best things a student can do in the city. We stayed two days (plus an extra night in a hotel after Storm Doris stranded us) and managed to fit a lot in with a budget of €150 to spend. Here’s what we came up with:

Anne Frank’s House:  €10

Explore the place where young Anne Frank lived in hiding for three years, and where her famous diary was born. Learn of the heartbreaking history she was a part of, and how she viewed a war-torn world from the confines of an attic room.

Amsterdam Icebar:  €18

For something a little lighter (but colder!) visit the Amsterdam ice-bar. Upon arrival, you’ll suit up in your big winter coat and be invited to drink from cups made of ice in your own little ice cave.

Vondelpark: FREE

If you like beautiful scenery and the smell of weed, Vondelpark is a great place to chill out in the summer. You can hire a bike and cycle around the park, which stretches out for 47 hectares.

River Cruise:  €13

See Amsterdam from a new perspective from the canals. The cheapest boat we found was  €13, and took us on a smooth journey under the famous bridges and past some of Amsterdam’s most interesting attractions.

Hire a Bike:  €8

When in Rome…or rather, Amsterdam. A bike ride is a must to get a feel of the local culture. It’s also just as quick as travelling by tram, and a quicker, more fun way to see the city than walking.

Van Gogh Museum:  €17

The Van Gogh museum is a mix of beautiful art and the saddening decline of the manically depressed artist. Find out why he mysteriously cut off his own ear, and marvel as his works and the artists who inspired him, as well as those inspired by Gogh’s own work.

Torture Museum:  €8

Listed as one of the world’s strangest museums, the torture museum is an experience for anyone who isn’t faint of heart. See the medieval torture instruments once used by the Dutch people – and try not to wince!

Red Light Secrets:  €8

Amsterdam’s prostitute museum takes you on a tour of a typical parlour in the Red Light District, and gives you insight into the lives prostitutes lead. Learn what it takes to be one of them, and learn how Amsterdam came to have it’s famous Red Light District.

Red Light District: FREE

Take a walk through the collection of sex shops, cafes that sell weed and the avenues dedicated entirely to prostitutes.


Bulldog claims to be Amsterdam’s very first ‘cafe’ where you could purchase and smoke weed. If you fancy dabbling with it yourself, or just having one of their delicious milkshakes, go on in and experience Amsterdam’s finest and most famous chain.

Other things to look out for in Amsterdam:

If you value your life, DON’T WALK ON THE CYCLE PATH. Have you noticed that cycle path sounds like psychopath? There’s a reason. The cyclists there will run you down, so watch your back!

Also, another weird fun fact: there’s a toilet in the building next to the iAmsterdam sign that has SEE-THROUGH DOORS. Yep. There’s something you don’t see every day…

by Hayley Anderton


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