Why Being in a Sports Society is the Heart of Uni Life

University offers plenty of opportunities for getting involved in societies. The fresher’s fair holds host to every society the union has to offer, and opportunities to sign up to all of them. From football to choir, from LGBT society to hockey, from book club to Zumba, there’s hundreds of activities to choose from. But what does it mean to be a part of a society, specifically the football squad? The University of York’s Women’s Football Club gave us some insight on what it means to be on a team.

‘Uni sport pushes you to be better and improve yourself whilst at the same time giving you an amazing circle of friends. It will shape your time at uni and being part of a team of like-minded people is the best,’ Sophie Jermy, the former President of the team said.

The 1st team achieved an incredible feat in the annual Roses competition in 2016, where York and Lancaster go head to head for ultimate glory. Dating back to May, 1965, the competition includes football, dance, rugby, basketball and volleyball among other sports. Despite not winning the Roses competition overall, York University offered an array of talent, including the UYWAFC girl’s seven nil win.

‘Playing at the Roses opening ceremony was the most incredible experience. To be representing your uni in such a massive rivalry event makes you proud to wear your shirt, but even better is being out there with all your teammates. You all want nothing more than to win and you’re going to make it happen. Winning 7-0 was a bonus, the best bit is knowing it was a team effort,’ Megan, the third year President told us.




Sports isn’t all about the physical aspects either. Studies have shown that being part of a team sport inspires happiness, and more so than solo sports. ‘Playing football has kept me going through the rough times. The club isn’t just a team playing sport, it’s a family doing what they love,’ Anna Middlemiss, team midfielder told us. Ella backed her up completely. ‘Sport at uni is so enjoyable, I love playing with some of the best people. I feel healthier and happiest when I’m playing,’ the right-back told us.

There some other perks too that we never really thought of. “Sport at uni is a fantastic excuse to never have to wear proper clothes to the library,’ Megan Anderton, History and Politics student and football team President told us. “It’s also a fantastic opportunity to channel the frustrations of your course into kicking inanimate objects and running around.”


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I’m not a sporty person in the slightest, but seeing and hearing from this team has showed me how much a team sport can influence someone’s life. When I watched the Rose’s match, their team spirit and support was truly inspiring. I wish them all luck in their upcoming matches and in Roses! #rosesarewhite


by Hayley Anderton


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