The Bucket List of Things You MUST Do Whilst at University

When it comes to university, here’s the thing: you have three years, and you’ve got to make the most of them. Let’s face it, after uni you’ll never have another student loan, and you’re unlikely to house-share with a bunch of strangers. You’ll have a job and other things to worry about. So enjoy uni while it lasts, and make sure you tick everything on your list! What’s on yours?

Join a Club

There’s plenty to choose from in any student union. You’ll probably sign up to twenty and only go to one, but it’s better than nothing.

Live away from home

There’s nothing that says ‘uni’ like living in student halls. When else will you live with strangers after all?

Pull an all-nighter

No sleep allowed. If you’re an ancient third year, you might struggle, but for freshers, it should be a doddle.

Use the Library

It may seem like a nightmare place full of stressed students having mental breakdowns, but there’s some pretty useful stuff in there. Plus a vending machine…


Go to the Freshers Fair

The freebies are a bit shit, but the fresher’s fair, if nothing else, will give you a healthy stock of pens and condoms. Plus, free Dominos on arrival…

Get super drunk


Kiss a stranger

You’ll probably regret it afterwards, but if you’re single and ready to mingle, it’s inevitable.


Make it to a 9am

We know it’s hard. We know they’re evil. But it’s got to be done. Double points if you achieve it after an all-nighter.

Go to Studentfest or Carnage

Dress-up and entry to five clubs in one night? Sounds like a plan.

Go on a trip

What else is your student loan for, really? Persuade your uni pals to take a roadtrip or city break with you.


Throw a party

You’ve got your own place – what’s the point in that if you don’t plan at least one party?

Panic a little

Or more than a little, depending on how close to deadlines it is. Night before the deadline? No need to panic. Five minutes left to submit? Initiate breakdown mode.

Learn to cook

Then your Mum can’t say you can’t look after yourself. Even if you still bring home a bag of laundry over Christmas.

Get addicted to caffeine

How else will you survive the crippling stress of deadlines and the early morning seminars? Coffee is your new best friend.


Acquire a traffic cone

If you haven’t owned one at some point, did you even really attend uni?

Go to the worst club in town

Every town has a seedy club that no one likes, but it’s your duty to go in at least once. On the plus side, the drinks are cheap.

Have a study session with pals

Your course friends are the perfect study pals, so utilise them! Don’t worry – the study sesh will end in you all getting wasted and ordering pizza at 4am.

Do Come Dine with Me as a house

Battle it out to be the best chef in the house. After all, you make the best Pot Noodles.

Be part of a protest

Students pride themselves on being young and angry – find something to shout about!

Eat the cheapest food 

You’re not a student until you’ve tried 12p baked beans from Lidl.

Get your first job

Pretend you’re a responsible adult. Shirt and tie at the ready, get yourself to that interview to work at McDonald’s.


by Hayley Anderton


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