10 Things to Avoid When Deadlines are Approaching

Exam periods are an important time, and there are definitely some do’s and dont’s when it comes to tackling them. We have mastered the art of procrastination, so there’s no one more qualified to tell you how to avoid it when the big day is approaching.

DON’T Spend hours making the perfect Spotify playlist.

If you’re anything like me you’ll spend hours making the perfect combination of songs to do your work to. Then you’ll think ‘ah, that’s enough work done for today’ and go watch TV for the rest of the day.

DON’T Touch your phone.

Don’t even go near it. Just stay as far away as possible. As soon as you pick it up you’ll end up staying on twitter for 8 hours stalking Ed Miliband. (I’ve been there, don’t judge).

DON’T Take a Nap.

You will never get up. Literally, never. Don’t lie to yourself and take a ’20 minute’ nap. Your bed will claim you as its own and at least 6 alarms will be put on snooze.

DON’T Sit around your course mates.

It doesn’t count as revision just because you call them ‘study buddies.’ You may think that you will motivate each other but you will only end up re-enacting the whole of High School Musical. (Heads up, always call Dibbs on Sharpay.  She’s the best!)


DON’T Have snacks at your desk.

We party pigs can’t resist a good snack. I don’t know if this is just me but if I have snacks staring at me in the face I can’t stop thinking about them till they’re all gone. 30 minutes will be wasted on consuming them all and another 30 thinking about what other food I have in the house.

DON’T Play music.

If you’re like me any type of music, when you’re doing work, just brings out your inner Beyoncé, and you sing along thinking you have the voice of an angel. Then a sad song comes on and you spend the whole 4 minutes staring out of the window pretending you’re in a dramatic music video.


DON’T Go on a night out.

You will convince yourself that you can handle it and you’ll finish all your work the next day. You won’t. You know you’ll spend all day laid on the couch with ‘Hangxiety.’  Yes, it is a thing.

DON’T Catch up on 2 weeks of Big Brother.

It’s just not a good idea, my love. You’ll end up a chicken livered bugger if you do. (Shout out to Kim)

DON’T Go on a day trip.

Just don’t do it. You know why? You’ll end up going for food and persuading yourself to have one drink because you have self-control. You’ll end up out on the lash. (See number 7)


Easier said than done, I know. Not going to lie, I procrastinated writing this for at least a month…

by Chloe Littlewood


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