Christmas on a Budget at Uni

Every student secretly dreams of having the perfect flat Christmas; the presents for your flatmates are under the tree, there’s tinsel strewn over every available surface, and everyone pitches in to make a hearty sit-down meal. But realistically, you’ll all be eating chicken from Lidl slathered in 20p gravy that tastes like feet. You won’t be able to afford a Christmas tree along with rent and Christmas presents (especially when you’re determined to shower your dog with gifts for the two weeks you’re at home.) So what’s the best (and cheapest) way to spend Christmas with your pals?

Do Secret Santa

Who can really afford to buy for everyone? Put all of your names in a hat and pick out one person to buy for. Repeat this process a million times when that one awkward person keeps picking out themselves (don’t get too attached to the one you pick out – you will have to swap at least once, guaranteed.) When you’ve finally got your person, figure out a great present to buy them for under ten quid and simultaneously try and figure out who has you so you can hint to them that you want the biggest Toblerone they can find.

Blast Christmas tunes

‘The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.’ – Buddy the Elf.

There’s always one Scrooge who hates Christmas music, but that shouldn’t stop you from singing All I Want For Christmas is You at the top of your voice. It might piss off the neighbours, but at least your having fun.

Watch Christmas films

If you don’t watch Elf and recite it line for line, is it really Christmas time? Every family has their favourites: The Nightmare before Christmas, The Grinch, Home Alone, Jingle All The Way, Nativity…introduce your flatmates to your favourites while you scoff mince pies and snuggle up in your ugliest Christmas jumper.

Pitch together to cook a meal

It’s always nice to work together to make a big slap up meal. It doesn’t have to be a Christmas dinner – who cares about tradition anyway? Group together and make a giant pasta bake or a lasagna; you can’t go wrong. Or better yet – scrape together some pennies and go for pub grub. You might be able to get a decent carvery if your lucky.

Go out clubbing

You can’t go for pub grub without having a pint, and one pint always leads to another. Then you might as well hit the clubs. Popworld is always a good place to boogie to old Christmas tunes while also getting your fix of Cotton Eyed Joe, but if you only want to belt out Fairytale of New York, most clubs will feature the timeless classic.


by Hayley Anderton


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